Diversity Training

Diversity Training:
Focuses - on getting a better understanding of our changing society. by recognizing people across the United States are rapidly becoming more diverse. Most staff have not worked with diverse populations and need some tips/guidelines to assist them to work with ethnically and culturally diverse populations in our community. The combination of poverty and diversity plays havoc with performance in schools, workplaces and our community. What our business offers are strategies for your company, organization and school to work with people you serve.

We contract professional Diversity Trainers to work with your company. We also provide diversity training for school age children.
Stone – Education Tips supports and celebrate diversity, by defining:
Diverse Ethnic

This is a two hour session for business and organizations. If we do cultural training in a school we would need to work with school administration. We have a team of motivational speakers who share their stories of coming to the United States. Iowa is a unique State with many different cultures and ethnic groups. Our trainers will also help you evaluate body language of clients. By understanding the story of individuals we will better work with our changing populations.

Ruth Ann Gaines, Diversity Training Coordinator

Ruth Ann Gaines is a State Representative, representing district 32 in East Des Moines. She is also a seasoned cultural competency, diversity and human relations educator. She has developed and presented diversity workinshops on a national basis for the last 32 years and has developed 15 diversity courses for Heartland Education Agency in Johnston, Iowa. She currently teachers diversity courses and presents workshops in the following areas: Asian , African, African American, Bosnian, Native American, Middle Eastern, Latino and gender equity and gender identity.

Ruth Ann is a former high school drama teacher recently retired from Des Moines East High School where she taught for 40 years. She is a former Iowa Teacher of the Year and a finalist for National Teacher of the Year. She is an inductee into the National Teachers Hall of Fame. the Iowa Womens Hall of Fame and the Iowa African American Hall of Fame.Among the numerous other awards she has received is the 2010 Broadway League Teacher of the Year Award given by the Willis Broadway League In New York City, the same group that awards the Tony awards. No other Iowan has received this award.
Stone -Education Tips wants to be clear, we do not hold any one method as the answer to all the social issues that are in our communities, schools or workplaces. We can become better equipped to work with diverse populations. HOW? We want to make sure you recognize your biases and rise above them when dealing with peoples which are not like you.

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