Our focus is on supporting children to be successful in school, at home and in the community by building relationships, encouraging students to think beyond the facts and by uncovering how indiviual students learn best.

Our mission is to provide academic support to families who believe that education is the key to success. Strong reading and writing skills are critical to sharpening a child's ability to understand and to express learning in spoken and written form in all curricular areas. Exposure to varied and global sources of information and high-quality literature promotes confidence and positive interaction with others. The tutoring program is designed to address reading, math, social skills and writing. We have content area specialized, certified teachers and complete background checks on all staff working with children.

Our curriculum and instruction consulting program wants to provide written,easy-to-use materials for after school programs, for agencies to work with youth, for colleges and universities and for parents. We believe if material is user-friendly, engaging, exciting and simple, the information will be used.

We have a pre-college program for families who want to begin looking at grants for their children.
Stone- Education Tips (SET)

We provide tutoring in math, literacy, home work assistance, pre-college advising and team building activities.

We have certified literacy teachers

We have certified math teachers

Our charge is $50.00 per hour

We provide one-on-one instruction
We provide a service that will assist your child to become successful in school, home and community.

We believe learning incorporates a full continuum of research-based programs and services which ensure safe, health promoting, supportive and inclusive learning environments.

We believe addressing barriers to learning creates student success.

We believe working with parents, school and the teacher enhances student success.

We believe: “Success is within”

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